UP news: Documents stolen, falsified and made PAC jawan, after 15 years with credit card, the secret of such fraud was uncovered


  • Documents of a young man going to join the army were stolen
  • A person named Amit stole documents and misappropriated
  • Amit became Manish and got government job in PAC
  • Caught for not paying a credit card due

Stolen documents of a young man going to take an examination for recruitment in the dependent quota of a freedom fighter and changed his photo from Amit to Manish. In the same name, he also worked in PAC for 15 years, but the outstanding credit card bill exposed him. On Tuesday, the Vibhutikhand police arrested the fake Manish. The distance from the fake Manish to the real Manish’s house is only 25 km.

SSI Vibhutikhand Pawan Kumar Singh told that Manish Kumar Singh, a resident of Revati police station Dighar village of Ballia, was admitted to the police department in the year 2006 from the dependent quota of a freedom fighter. Presently he is posted in STF Headquarters.

Open case on call for credit card dues
In February and March, Manish received several calls from SBI Credit Card. The bank employees informed about the outstanding amount of Rs. Troubled, Manish investigated and found out that another credit card has been issued in his name, in which the address and father’s name are all the same. On suspicion of forgery, Manish had complained to the Vibhutikhand police in the matter.

Documents stolen in train
SSI Vibhutikhand told that the accused arrested is Amit Kumar Singh alias Manish Kumar Singh, a resident of Dhaturi Tola Sonki Bhat, Dokti police station of Ballia. During interrogation, the accused told the police that he met Manish 16 years ago while going to Budaun by train. Due to living in the same district, friendship soon formed.

Amit is posted in Basti
Manish, who was going to take an examination for recruitment from the dependent quota of a freedom fighter, had several sets of documents. Late in the night, Amit had stolen a set of documents. After this, changed the photo in the documents and took the exam and started working in PAC. SSI said that Amit, who was caught, was currently posted in Basti.

and the possibility of meeting people
Altering the documents is not as easy as told by Amit during the simple interrogation. The police suspect that someone has helped Amit in manipulating the documents. He says that it will be investigated by taking Amit on remand.

arrested accused


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