UP BJP released the list of 8 candidates, see the names

Lucknow: BJP has released its latest list of candidates for the UP Assembly elections. The names of 8 candidates have been announced in this list. Elections are to be held in all these places in the third phase i.e. on February 20. Of these eight candidates, five are in reserved seats. The names of these candidates are: 1. Hari Om Verma from Amapur 2. Mamtesh Shakya from Patiali 3. Virendra Verma from Marhara 4. Sanjeev Kumar Diwakar from Jalesar 5. Dr. Priyaranjan Adhu Diwakar from Kisni 6. Dr. Siddharth Shankar Dohre from Bharthana 7. Auraiya to Gudiya Katheria 8. Rasulabad to Poonam Sankhwar

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