Covid vaccination in UP: Preparation for vaccination of children on 2 models in UP, vaccination will be done on the lines of measles

Zeeshan Raini, Lucknow
After getting approval from the DGCI, preparations have started in UP to apply the vaccine to protect children from corona. Preparation is going on in UP on two models. One model is from Measles Rubella Vaccination. Under this, vaccination will be done by setting up camps in schools. The second model is of vaccination at the centers like a routine vaccination campaign. If more number of vaccines are received from the centre, vaccination will be done on the lines of measles.

Till now no guidelines have been issued by the center for vaccination of children. It is being told that 7.67 crore children were vaccinated in the Measles Rubella campaign. About the same number of children have to be vaccinated against corona. Routine vaccinations are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday at the health centres. According to officials, if the amount of vaccine is less, it can be included in routine vaccination. However, if more is available, preparations are also being made to run a campaign on the lines of measles.

Manpower will be a big issue
Manpower has already been installed in the routine vaccination campaign in the state. Till now 100% vaccination of adults has not been done. In such a situation, the campaign will continue and the people associated with it will not be empty. In such a situation, separate manpower will be required to set up separate camps for children, which is a big challenge for the health department.

Schools will have a major role
Schools will play a key role in immunization of children from 2 to 18 years. 80 per cent vaccination can be completed only with the help of schools. In such a situation, the target can be easily achieved by involving only schools in the campaign. However, the age category has to be decided.

Guidelines are awaited. The complete plan will be prepared after getting the instructions of the Centre.
Ajay Ghai, State Immunization Officer

It is not possible to stop routine vaccination campaigns. Keeping this in view, preparations are being made to vaccinate the children.
-Doctor. Prafful Bhardwaj, Health Officer UNICEF UP

The number of children in the city is being raised. Rest of the preparations will be done as per the guidelines.
-Doctor. MK Singh, District Immunization Officer


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