Akhilesh’s new social engineering on BJP’s formula! trusting non yadavs

Lucknow: BJP created a separate vote bank by bringing non-Yadav OBC voters into its fold. This became the key to his power. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has now prepared his new ‘social engineering’ on this formula. Apart from the traditionally MY factor, Akhilesh has tried to widen his OBC vote bank by giving a large number of tickets to non-Yadav OBC candidates. In the second list of SP, 64 OBC candidates have been given tickets in the list of 159 candidates. Of these, 15 are Yadav candidates, while the number of non-Yadav OBC candidates is 49. Obviously, Akhilesh has made a big bet on the non-Yadav OBC castes. In the OBC population of UP, Kurmis are considered to have the largest population after Yadavs. It is about 8 percent. Akhilesh has also given the maximum number of OBC tickets to Kurmis after Yadavs. Their number is 12. Apart from this, tickets have been given to five Mauryas, four shepherds and one Lodhi.

Have been demanding caste census
Akhilesh Yadav has been demanding a caste census many times. He has been repeating – as much as his share, so much his participation. The way non-Yadav OBC candidates have been given preference in this list, it is being linked to this. An attempt has been made to distribute tickets to castes in proportion to the population.

Non-Yadav OBCs were included in large numbers
After the notification was issued, all the leaders who were ministers and MLAs in the state government resigned and joined the SP. Most of those who resigned were non-Yadav OBCs. Not only this, last year Lalji Verma and RS Kushwaha left the BSP and joined the SP. Apart from this, Ram Achal Rajbhar had ridden a cycle earlier this year itself. This is a clear indication that Akhilesh has been working on this formula for a long time, the effect of which can be clearly seen on this list.

Big bet on Vaishyas
Generally, the Vaishya caste is considered to be inclined towards the BJP, but Akhilesh has tried to bring the people of this society also in his side. It has been said many times that due to GST and other reasons, the business class, especially small and medium businessmen, are angry. In view of this, Akhilesh has made a big bet by giving tickets to Vaishyas with an open heart. Tickets have been given to 9 Vaishyas. Now only the results will tell how much this bet of Akhilesh fits.

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