A bird collided with a plane coming from Delhi to Lucknow, damage to the cockpit, pilot’s understanding saved the lives of 148 passengers

A major accident was averted on Tuesday afternoon with a Vistara Airlines plane. A bird collided with a Vistara flight coming from Delhi to Lucknow. The plane staggered and the passengers were shaken. However, due to the intelligence of the pilot, the accident was averted and the flight landed safely. After the bird collided here, there was a technical fault in the flight, which took more than five hours to fix. During this, the passengers on the flight had to spend hours at the airport. During this, passengers created a ruckus at the airport.

The plane was at 2600 feet altitude
Vistara Airlines flight UK 641 coming from Delhi to Lucknow took off from the runway at around 2:50 pm. The plane was at 2600 feet altitude. Then suddenly a bird collided with the cockpit. With a loud sound, there was a smell in the plane. There were 148 passengers, including crew members, on board the plane during the incident.

The plane could be corrected after five hours
The pilot contacted Lucknow Air Traffic Control without delay. They were informed about the incident and the plane was landed in a hurry. There was a technical fault after the bird collided with the plane, which took five hours to fix. The aircraft could take off at around 9 pm instead of the scheduled time of 03.25 pm. Passengers also had an altercation with Vistara’s manager and staff several times.

49 passengers canceled tickets
Actually, to go to Delhi, passengers from Lucknow had booked tickets from UK-642. 166 passengers were to go to Delhi. Due to the delay, 49 passengers got their tickets canceled.


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