Youtuber Anvesh: Vizag YouTuber who has traveled to 85 countries, you will be shocked to know his monthly income!

Youtuber Anvesh: Vizag YouTuber who has traveled to 85 countries, you will be shocked to know his monthly income!

There are many people in Telugu states who are popular through social media. While some of them became popular through short films, others gained craze by helping the poor. Compared to all of them, the boy we are about to meet is very, very special. This young man from Vizag has become a YouTuber and is traveling the world. He is getting eye-popping income from YouTube. So who is that boy? What is his story? Now let’s find out..

So who is this Anvesh?

This Anvesh is a young man from Bhimili of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh‌ Since the beginning, I love to travel abroad. Hence, he did post graduation in traveling and tourism. In 2019 ‘My Quest’ He started a YouTube channel. Since then he started invading the world. Not one, not two, he has traveled to 85 countries at once. Still wandering around. He not only watches, but also shows the features of the place to people through his YouTube channel. Currently his YouTube channel has 1.39 million subscribers. No wonder so many people eagerly wait for the videos Anvesh shares.    

Making Kilimanjaro popular

Anvesh’s climbing Kilimanjaro video played a key role in making Anvesh very popular. He successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Endured many hardships and reached the peak at a height of 5,642 meters. After that the Indian flag was hoisted and ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’, ‘Vande Mataram’ along with ‘Janaganamana’ He sang songs. This video has become very popular on the net and a large number of followers have increased. Since then he has speeded up his world tour. He traveled to the neighboring countries of India as well as to distant places. He also set foot in dangerous countries like North Korea. He returned to Australia, Africa, America and Europe. So far he has traveled to more than half the countries of the world. Through his YouTube, he showed many people the features of those countries.    

Huge earnings from YouTube

Strange things in those countries through world tours  Along with knowing the features, Anvesh is earning huge income by uploading that video on YouTube. Currently around Rs. If he is earning 60 lakh rupees, then you can understand his range. In fact, even popular TV channels cannot earn this amount. But, Anvesh is enjoying and earning easily. Compared to many YouTubers in Telugu, although he has less subscribers, he is making dust in terms of income. He recently visited China and put the features of that place in front of the people. These videos got a huge income due to an unexpected range of views. Currently his monthly income from YouTube is Rs. 60 lakhs will be a little bit here and there.   


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