You don’t need exercise to lose weight, just taking this pill is enough!

You don’t need exercise to lose weight, just taking this pill is enough!

Breduction of debt is now trending globally. Everyone tries different ways to lose weight. Everyone wants to lose weight and be slim. How many people like diet and exercise? There are few people who are eager to lose weight anyway. Such people make changes in their diet while others try new exercises all the time. They want to lose weight even if they sweat all kinds of things. Such people lose weight in some way. But it is difficult for those who think about losing weight lazily. Their dream of losing weight remains a dream. It is also said that losing weight is not something we do.  

Overweight and obesity is not just a matter of beauty but it is reported to be the second health burden worldwide. It is a well-known fact that excess body fat is the root cause of many lifestyle problems. All organs from the bones to the heart are at risk in overweight people. That is why scientists in all countries of the world are conducting research on how to lose weight easily. But the scientists from Texas say that we are a bit ahead  Announcing.

A weight loss pill?

Trials for a new weight loss treatment have begun in Texas. To this extent, the injectable product is being used on mice. The name of this medicine is CPACC. First, the rats were fed a diet high in fat, calories and sugars. Then they were given an injection every three days for six weeks. The mice that received these injections did not gain weight. It has been observed that the risk of problems such as heart disease, stroke and fatty liver is low in these mice.

These researchers can say that they are one step away from bringing this medicine to the market. Human trials are planned to begin this year. These researchers from the University of Texas told the media that no problems have occurred so far in this research, and the liver and heart function of the mice were normal after being injected twice a week and now they are looking for volunteers to participate in the trials.

In this medicine A key component used is magnesium which prevents damage to the mitochondria in the cells. The achievement here is that the body does not store fat despite consuming a high-fat diet. And, it is not yet said when this pill will be available in full. There are chances that it will take some more time to complete all the tests and reach the market.

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