Worst Person You Know: This is the ‘worst person you know’, don’t you understand? See how much this photo did!

Your Google & zwnj; Go to Search & lsquo; Worst Person You Know & rsquo; Hit that. You will definitely get a photo of him. In fact he did no harm to anyone. At least not criminally. He is a regular employee. But Google calls him the & lsquo; worst person you know & rsquo; Showing a photo of him. However, how did Google get his personal photo? Do you doubt what is the reason for showing him to be the worst person? However .. look what happened. & Nbsp;

For example .. you are reading the paper one morning. Your photo is there. Below that you will see the caption You are a worst person. How do you feel then? It sounds like the mind is getting dizzy. The same thing happened to 42-year-old Joseph Maria Garcia from Catalonia, Spain. One morning Garcia’s brother called. Google & lsquo; Worst Person You Know & rsquo; Asked Time. He did as he was told. That’s it .. Garcia’s photo appeared on the screen. & lsquo; & lsquo; What the hell did I do? & rsquo; & rsquo; Was shocked. However, when did I take this photo? Thought.

Then she remembered .. Yes, one day it was a photo taken by her father-in-law to check his camera light. He wondered if the photo was good. He immediately called his son-in-law and asked why Google was showing him as the worst person. With this he said the real thing. He said the photo was well received and uploaded to Getty Images in 2014. Then Garcia remembered that.

Garcia Bawa is a professional photographer. Eight years ago he went to Barcelona to take some photos for an American writer. There he asked Garcia to pose for a photo. Liked the photo and uploaded it to the & lsquo; Getty Images Stock Photo Catalog & rsquo ;. However, in 2018 a photo of him was used for a news story. This is what his uncle told Garcia. However, he did not pay much attention to it. & Nbsp;

His photo went viral due to the news. Google algorithm makes it & lsquo; Worst Person You Know & rsquo; Began to trend with the keyword & zwnj; This made him a global internet meme. He has a slightly Nazi look and looks cunning and has been turned into a villain using his photo for many negative news. However, no one in their hometown knew about this photo at first. Many now remember him for going viral on social media. He then took the photo from his uncle Getty. But, Google is still trending. This photo was found on Google search until June 30. Now it only appears in Google Images. & Nbsp;

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