World’s Smallest Snake: The smallest snake in the world, if you touch it as an earthworm..

When we say snake.. an idea comes in our brain. Looks tall and fat. The fangs are filled with poison. We are strongly fixated that if we bite, that’s all. But, there are thousands of species of snakes in the world. Most of them are non-toxic. Now let us know about the smallest snake in the world. This snake looks like a rain snake but is not dangerous if caught.

The name of the smallest snake in the world is ‘Barbados thread‌ Snake’. This snake looks like an earthworm. Its length is only 10 cm. 99 percent of those who see these snakes for the first time mistake them for rain snakes. The largest snake of this species found so far was only 10.4 cm long. Its weight is less than one gram. These snakes are blind. Touch  Without being there is no sight. They were first discovered in the Barbadian Forest in America. Evolutionary biologist S. Blair Hedges noted in 2008. He held it under a rock and examined it. Finally confirmed as the smallest snake in the world. Several key facts about this snake have been revealed. 

Barbados Thread‌ The snake was identified as a creature native to the Caribbean island. Research done by scientists since the time of Charles Darwin has revealed that this is confirmed. He said that it is difficult to study this small snake but he is trying. In addition to being similar to this earthworm, it also lives in the soil under rocks and stumps. People do not know much about these. These snakes feed mostly on termites and ant larvae. 

Researchers in this thread‌ Many important things related to snakes have been revealed. It is said that these snakes will become extinct in the near future due to their dependence on forests.  Only 10 percent of Barbados’ forests are known to have these snakes. It is revealed that the continued survival of this species is uncertain. However, experts said that some of these snakes are non-venomous and currently no deaths have occurred due to these snake bites. If you ever see snakes like this, don’t think they are earthworms. Be safe. 

It looks like a worm but it’s the world’s smallest snake. The Brahminy Blind Snake is a non-venomous, burrowing snake native to SE Asia. They are parthenogenetic, ie, they reproduce w/o sex – each offspring is an identical genetic copy. #LifeInAThaiForest

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