World’s Quietest Room – You can even hear the sound of your blood flowing in this room

World’s Quietest Room – You can even hear the sound of your blood flowing in this room

The quiet environment is very comfortable. Silence is a therapy for those tired of traffic noises in noisy environments.  Have you ever felt an unbearable silence? You might think you can’t stand the silence… but you should know about the quietest room in the world. No human can stay in this room for more than an hour. 

Microsoft headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington, USA. An anechoic chamber was built in that headquarters. It is like a room. That is the quietest room. Even subtle sounds from outside do not penetrate into that room. Moreover, any sound made in an empty room can be heard as an echo, but in this room the echo is not heard. That is why this room is called anechoic. That means ‘without resonance’ It means It took two years to build this room. 

This is the quietest room in the Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records holds that they conducted two ultra-sensitive tests in this room. In a test the noise value here was -20.6 decibels. Another time it was -20 point one decibels. Nowhere in this world is there a more silent situation. 

What happens in a silent room?
If a man stays inside this room for a few minutes he starts hearing his own heartbeat clearly. . After a few minutes he could hear the sound of blood rushing through his body. He also hears the sound of bones in the body. He can stay like that for an hour. It is more difficult to live in that room. Because there are no sounds from the outside world, the silence there becomes an unbearable ringing in your ears. Your breathing will also sound very close. Ringing in the ear increases. Lack of resonance causes the body to lose balance. This makes them feel that they can’t stay there and get out soon.

How is it made?
This anechoic chamber is built with six layers of walls. The six layered walls were built using concrete and iron. This room is completely disconnected from the adjacent rooms. Vibration damping springs are installed under the floor of the room. Fiber glass wedges are installed on the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. Due to this, the sound waves reaching the room are broken at the walls instead of entering the room. Due to this, no sound of the outside world enters the room. That is why this room has become the quietest room in the world. 

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