world suicide prevention day 2022: Nothing can be achieved by dying, achieve by living

Life is… not just pleasures, but also hardships. But those who happily accept pleasures are afraid to face hardships. They commit suicide because of debt, because of illness, because of family disputes, because of pressure at work. If they die in their intention, then the problems are over. If suicide is the solution to all problems, half of the world’s population should do the same. But those who have a brave heart and know the value of life do not utter the word suicide. You have no right to stop the journey of a hundred years in the middle. Your parents gave you this life. Do you have the right to commit suicide without their permission, leaving them alone and leaving your younger children in misery? Think about it. Death is not the solution for everything, if you think about every problem, you will find a second solution. Otherwise it will take some time. At that time, it is enough if you have a little courage and do not get depressed. Many people commit suicide out of cowardice, unable to face the problems. In order to prevent such actions, every year on September 10, the “world suicide prevention day” is observed.

Win Yourself…
When you have suicidal thoughts, remember that you are at war with your evil thoughts. 
Ultimately you have to win. A person who commits suicide is called a coward but a good person is not called a winner. If you stand up against the same difficulties, you will definitely get success one day. Only then will you be a winner. Think about how to kill suicidal thoughts, stop thinking about killing yourself. Those who do not achieve while alive, achieve nothing when they die. 

These symptoms…
These symptoms appear a few days or a few hours before the suicidal person. He should immediately try to save himself. You should meet a psychiatrist or go to a close friend or relative and share your feelings. If you also tell about your thoughts, they can help you mentally and prevent you from committing suicide. 

1. Repeatedly wondering why I should live
2. Increasing irritation. 
3. Preferring to be alone. 
4. Giving valuable things to someone (in the sense of why I don’t have it anymore)
5. Crying profusely, unable to bear pain
6. Staying away from family
7. Cessation of food
8. Wanting to send messages on the phone saying sorry…
All these are symptoms of a person who is having suicidal thoughts. 

If you notice these symptoms in yourself, or if you see them in friends or family members, alert them immediately. 
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