World Sleep Day: Why do we wake up in sleep? What are Hypnic Jerks?

World Sleep Day: Why do we wake up in sleep?  What are Hypnic Jerks?

Let’s sleep happily. When we are slowly falling asleep, we suddenly wake up. Has this ever happened to you? Has the pony ever woken up with a sudden jerk when falling asleep? Why do we stoop like this? What is the science behind it? Let’s see in this video.

Hypnic jerks…so far scientists and doctors have not been able to conclude that this is a physical symptom. It is not only us but also animals. About 70 percent of people in the world experience hypnotic jerks very commonly. What is the reason for this? The main thing that doctors say is that the cause of this zarsk is our brain. There are three theories as to why.

1. Beware of falling
 When we sleep our whole body goes into relax mode. As the muscles go to rest, we fall asleep. But sometimes our brain interprets it wrongly. Doctors think it creates a hypnic jerk, thinking we are falling. Not only this, our brain also creates a strange image. The brain also creates a dream as if we are walking somewhere and slipped there to understand that we are falling. So when we fall into a dream… we get a hypnic jerk and immediately wake up and become alert. Thinking it was a bad dream, we drink fresh water and go to bed again. So it is said that the brain itself anticipates something and alerts us.

2. Potaurarei

Don’t be afraid. In fact, the brain sometimes worries that we are dying and makes a fuss inside. Because when we sleep normally all the body parts go to rest but only the brain works..This is the same procedure even before our death. So if there is any small illness in the body…thinking that we are dying because of that, the brain sends a current to all parts of the body and sends an alert at once. That’s why we wake up and get tired immediately..the heart keeps beating. Sweating. All the organs in the body become alert. This is also what the brain does.

3. DNA Alert
It may be a bit surprising to hear but..all our ancestors also lived in forests. A few thousand million years ago, our ancestors would have slept on the branches of any tree like primitives. And if the wind is strong, the branch will sway. Then there is a risk of falling from the top of the branch. Our ancestors used to wake up suddenly to be alert to prevent their bodies from falling. Did too. This so alert is passed down from generation to generation as a copy of DNA after millions of years. So alert is a theory that today we are sleeping comfortably in the bed but waking up our ancestors who were sleeping in the tree and wake us up and wake us up. Or sleeping somewhere else, all these are the words that alert our brain that it is enough to sleep. Soon we wake up with a maid. Anxiety and tension are also causes of hypnic jerks. So a hypnotic jerk is very normal and an alert message from the brain. Nothing to worry. 

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