World Record: Grandma who created a record with long nails, if you know the reason behind growing those nails, tears will be shed

Long nails… The nails of both hands are 42 feet long. That’s why the Guinness World Record has been achieved. Looking at these long claws like crab legs will make anyone cringe. Her name is Diana. Lives in America. She has not cut her nails for years. She is saying that she will not cut it anymore. She said that she raised her nails not for a record, but accidentally broke the record. She explained that she had a very painful past behind growing her nails. 

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Diana says that she is growing these nails in memory of her beloved daughter
. Years ago, she said her 16-year-old daughter put nail polish on her nails one night and then went to sleep in her room. She explained that she didn’t wake up in the morning and she was dead. It is said that she died due to severe asthma attack in her sleep. She told me that she had put nail polish on my nails the night before and decided not to cut them. She explained that her daughter feels like she is with her as the nails grow.

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Diana still wears nail polish on her nails. She said that it takes five to six hours to put nail polish on those nails and her grandchildren are very patient. It says that you will need at least twenty to thirty cans of nail polish. 


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