World Diabetes Day 2023 : Does diabetes reduce that ability? Is that ‘combination’ difficult? What do the experts say?

World Diabetes Day 2023 : Does diabetes reduce that ability?  Is that ‘combination’ difficult?  What do the experts say?

Diabetes is a disease. If you catch it.. life is destroyed. If we do not follow the diet properly, it creates various diseases. In the end it also creates new diseases that doctors cannot detect. Elders say that a hundred crores of poverty are followed by crores of tricks. But, no matter how many tricks are used for poverty like diabetes. All we have to do is take care not to get diabetes. If it comes, then by following a proper diet, you can gradually maintain your life and move forward. However, many have another doubt. But, shy to speak out. That’s it.. happy life. What effect does diabetes have on the sex life of men and women suffering from diabetes? Which of the two is more dangerous?

Does that ability decrease?

It is impossible to tell when diabetes will create what diseases. Also.. Till then I used to walk around as a tree, it will turn me into a rust. Moreover, studies show that it has a bad effect on men’s performance. Testosterone levels decrease in patients with diabetes. It is said to cause Erectile Dysfunction – ED. Because.. blood circulation should be proper for erection to happen. However, diabetes can damage the blood vessels. As a result, due to improper blood supply to the penis, erectile problems occur. This problem is more common in people suffering from type-2 diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, 10 to 20 percent of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by stress, sexual dysfunction, fear, and psychological problems. However, the level is even higher in people with diabetes. However, diabetes can be dangerous for both men and women. But, there is a slight difference in problems and side effects.

What kind of problems occur in women?

If the blood sugar level is high… the blood vessels are damaged. Due to this, sexual motivation is very low in women. In particular, the ability to feel arousal is reduced. Also, liquids are not released from the vagina. It is dry there. Dryness of the area causes pain in the muscles. As a result, you may become afraid of sex. Blood sugar levels drop suddenly during menstruation. Also the woman’s sugar levels may drop during intercourse. It may cause discomfort. So, women must check their sugar levels before meeting their partner. Women with diabetes may be prone to thrush, cystitis, and urinary tract infections. All these make sex hell. Moreover, diabetes can cause severe fatigue in both men and women. Prolonged sexual activity can cause blood sugar levels to drop. So, be sure to check the sugar levels before taking part in the combination. Be sure to consult a doctor if you have such problems.

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