World Contraception Day: These are the problems caused by long-term use of contraceptives

World Contraception Day: Newly married couples do not want children for two to three years. For that they start using contraceptives. A variety of contraceptive methods are available, from oral tablets to copper T.  Long-term use of these can lead to many problems. To create awareness in this regard, every year September 26 is observed as ‘World Contraception Awareness Day&rsquo. will be conducted. Every woman needs to be aware of the diseases caused by using these for a long period of time. They should take care of their own health. Some of these can cause serious health problems. They can also be fatal. 

Blood Clotting
Birth control pills‌ contain certain compounds which can lead to blood clotting when used for a long time. Such risks are especially high in people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. So those who have these problems should use less birth control pills. It is not good to use it daily even for months. 

Heart attack 
We have already mentioned that blood clots can occur due to excessive use of birth control pills. This can also happen in the heart or brain. This can lead to heart attack and stroke. Blood clots in blood vessels can cause heart attacks. That is why it is a good option to switch to contraceptive methods like  Collar T (IUD) instead of using birth control pills. 

It is better not to use birth control pills if you suffer from frequent headaches. These make the situation worse. These pills contain estrogen. It can cause severe migraine pain. Also blood can clot. 

Contraceptive pills can cause cancer‌ Cervical cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer are more likely to occur. That is why it is better to avoid using birth control pills. Instead, other methods should be found. 

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