World Autism Awareness Day: What is Autism? How to reduce the risk of autism in children?

World Autism Awareness Day: Some children have symptoms like not being active, not meeting with anyone, preferring to be alone, not being able to speak properly, it is called autism. Another symptom of autism is that the child does not respond to the mother even when she is close to her. Sight is connected with sight. If you smile with eyes in your eyes, you will smile. But ‘autism’ Children have normal vision but do not recognize their parents. Hearing is normal. But if we call them by name, they don’t look at us. This is a major feature of ‘autism’. About 2 percent of children in our country are suffering from this type of disease. Mental retardation in children is becoming a bane for parents.

World Health Organization report‌ Accordingly, autism is one of the disorders that affect brain development. It manifests itself through a variety of characteristics. Insomnia, self-injury‌ In addition to problematic behaviors such as autism, people with autism often have disorders such as depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity disorder.

World Autism Awareness Day
People with autism People’s lives The United Nations General Assembly has declared April 2 as International Autism Awareness Day to bring to the world’s attention the need to help improve the quality, recognition and enjoyment of meaningful lives by them as an important part of society. World Autism Awareness Day is being organized today to create awareness about the prevention of herd mentality in children. This event is being held on April 2 every year since 2008 as per the resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18, 2007. 

World Autism Awareness Day 2023: Theme
This year marks the 5th Autism Awareness Day. "Let’s change the narrative: Let’s contribute to policy making at home, at work, in the arts" is being managed with the theme As a part of this, people with autism in all sectors of the society‌ There are many activities that can be done to make people accept themselves.

What is Autism?
Autism is a childhood-onset disorder. A lifelong neurological disorder, it is an inherited disorder with no racial, socioeconomic, or gender differences. "Autism spectrum" (ASD) is a term used to describe a wide range of symptoms. People suffering from autism have the right to receive equal treatment, the same kind of help. Society can fully support them with awareness of autism.

Suffering from autism. People’s skills and needs may change over time. Q‌World Health Organization (WHO) report‌ Accordingly, some people with autism can function normally in society. Others have severe difficulties and need help all the time.

Symptoms of Autism
ASD is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to behave and communicate socially. will do Although its origin is usually genetic, there is no cure for ASD. However, by implementing important lifestyle changes, steps can be taken to prevent this disease from increasing in children.

How to reduce it?
Mothers Studies show that high intake of certain nutrients and supplements can reduce the risk of autism in their children. On the other hand, various studies have shown that exposure to air pollution, especially heavy metals, and particulate matter during pregnancy can significantly increase the risk of ASD. Knowing the order of growth is very important. If a child is diagnosed with ASD, there is an opportunity to improve their communication and social skills through early intervention. It is emphasized that it is important to attend the meetings. Along with eating a healthy diet, exercise to reduce stress and avoid harmful effects. It is advised to stay away from substances like smoking, alcohol and drugs. Some types of‌ Medical experts say that taking vaccinations to control diseases and always monitoring the baby’s movements in the womb are part of the preventive measures.

Any suspected symptoms related to the baby’s movements If the loans are identified, further tests will be carried out. It is essential to report them to the health care provider. Through these measures, mothers can reduce the risk of their child developing autism.

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