Woman Health: Superfoods to energize women- a must eat during winters

Seasonal changes occur in food and health conditions. In winter, people suffer from cold and flu. Apart from this, many people face problems like eczema, dry skin, hair loss, joint pains. Joint pains are likely to increase due to cold winds. Air pollution increases due to humid winds and weakens the immune system. This increases the chances of getting sick. That is why women can maintain their health by changing their diet according to the season.

The body wants warmth due to cold weather. Consuming these substances will keep your body warm. Helps in boosting immunity. Prevents all types of skin and health related problems. These six healthy foods that women must eat during winters are very good for health. It also makes you strong.

Ghee: It is said that ghee has high fat content and if it enters the body, it will make you fat. But actually that is just a myth. Ghee made from cow’s milk keeps you warm in winters. It is a healthy fat full of nutrients. One tablespoon of ghee can be added to food.

Amla: Rich in vitamin C. Also known as Indian Goose Berry. Eating one amaranth in the morning on an empty stomach will give you the ability to face harsh weather conditions.

Peanut Chikki: Also known as Pally Patti. Eating this very tasty chikki can provide health benefits. Women can face the problem of anemia due to frequent consumption of palli khaki. It is rich in iron. Good for skin care. It has high anti-inflammatory properties. Nutrients in it remove skin problems. Boosts immunity and prevents viruses from attacking. Increases digestion and helps in weight loss.

Panjiri: A sweet substance made with various types of nuts and jaggery. It gives health. Increases immunity. Keeps away from cold and cough. It can be mixed with ghee in the form of brownies.

Jaggery: Jaggery is a good substance that produces heat in the body. Palm jaggery is very good. It has a low glycemic index (GI) so it is very good for health. Full of nutrients. Increases immunity. Diabetics can also eat it. Jaggery can be taken as an alternative to sugar.

Ginger: To stay healthy, add it to your diet. Keeps immunity strong. You can also put it in tea and drink it.

Note: The information collected from many studies and researches has been provided here as usual. It is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Be sure to include this food in your diet only after consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. This information is for your information only.

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