Winter Skin Care Tips : Why does the skin get dry in winter? What is the solution? Get expert advice


Winter Skin Care Tips : Winter days have started. Slowly the atmosphere has started to feel chilly. Meanwhile, many people feel that the glow of the skin in summer disappears somewhat in winter. How to maintain this radiance of the skin even in the cold? At the same time, many skin disorders occur in winter, such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. How to overcome diseases? You may have many questions on how to deal with skin allergies. Let us know the very important information in this regard through our special program ‘Doctor Tips’ today.    

Dr. talking about dry skin and allergies in winter. Dr. Siddhi Chikhalkar, Department of Dermatology (Associate Professor, KEM) says that due to cold, our skin has an oily layer. Our body has some oil glands. A small amount of oil comes out of it. The skin becomes dry. So ‘psoriasis’ disease increases a lot. 

What are the symptoms of psoriasis disease? 

Psoriasis causes red spots on the skin. And white papules accumulate on it. These pimples are more visible on the face. For example, such diseases occur on the hands, feet, face and often on the head. 

Atopic Eczema (Eczema)

Many people are familiar with common colds, asthma, and allergies. But the skin also has some allergies in the form of asthma. It is called ‘Atopic Eczema’. This condition is more likely to be seen in children. Whose skin is very sensitive. His skin was very red. Small water-filled pustules appear and are intensely itchy. Many times when we have such skin disorders, we often like to take a bath with neem water in the cold, scrub with strong soap, and take a bath with hard water. But we do all these things against the skin. And we help such diseases to spread more. 

How to take care of skin in winter? 

Avoid bathing with hot water : Bathing with hard water should be avoided in winter. This makes the skin drier and removes the oil from it. And the skin becomes dry and itchy. 

Choose moisturizing soap : The soap we choose in winter should be moisturizing. Do not use soap based on its appearance or smell. In earlier times, people used to extract coconut milk and apply it on the body, it was very beneficial for the skin. Some of these  Home tips you can use. Which are not harmful to the skin. 

Drink plenty of water : You don’t feel very thirsty in cold weather. However, plenty of water should be consumed to maintain moisture in the skin. It is necessary to drink at least 3 to 5 liters of water. 

Avoid using moisturizer on wet skin : Never apply moisturizer on wet skin. Applying moisturizer to dry skin increases its absorption by four times. There are many benefits if you sleep with a moisturizer while sleeping.  Along with this, regular lip balm should be applied on the skin. Applying honey and sajuk ghee on the lips also gives very good results. 

What do experts think about dry skin? 

  • Often Sunscreen is applied only in summer. However, sunscreen should be used for 12 months. Sunscreen should be used more in cold. 
  • Cotton and loose clothes should be used in cold. 
  • Facid food along with water like fish, almonds, walnuts, eating 1 spoon of sajuk ghee You can keep your skin glowing. 

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