Why spend money on expensive body scrubs when you can make these 5 best body scrubs at home

Why spend money on expensive body scrubs when you can make these 5 best body scrubs at home

Home Made Body Scrub: The way the skin needs scrub and exfoliate to maintain turmeric, similarly it is necessary to exfoliate the body too. This removes dead skin cells and dirt. It makes our skin soft and also improves blood circulation. Although there are more than one branded products available in the market for this purpose, but firstly, these products are very expensive, and secondly, due to the presence of chemicals, they can also harm the body. In this case, make a scrub from natural things and apply it on your skin. This will not cause any harm. Let’s know how to make body scrub…

Make scrub with brown sugar


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  • Brown sugar three to four teaspoons
  • Honey 2 teaspoons
  • Coconut oil two teaspoons 
  • How to&nbsp ;

    • Mix well the sugar, honey and coconut oil.
    • Rub and clean your body with the scrub before taking a bath.
    • After scrubbing the body for 10 to 15 minutes take a bath.

    Scrub with coffee- One teaspoon of coffee powder Prepare a scrub by mixing coconut oil. Apply this scrub on the body and scrub it for 10 minutes. After that clean the skin.

    Besan and curd-Besan and curd are also a good scrub. For this, make a paste by mixing two spoons of gram flour and two spoons of brown sugar in two spoons of curd. Scrub the body with this paste for some time, after that wash the body

    Olive oil, lemon and salt- A few drops of lemon juice and salt in olive oil Mix and prepare the scrub. Clean the body, after that exfoliate the body by applying this scrub. With this, you can get rid of dead skin cells of the body.

    Oats and sesame oil- Oats and sesame oil can also prepare scrub. For this, soak oats in water or milk overnight. Then mix sesame oil in soaked oats in the morning and apply on the body and exfoliate. After this, take a bath and moisturize the body.

    Follow some important things while applying scrub

    • Before scrubbing, do body wash with water once.
    • Whenever you use a scrub on the body, do not rub too fast, doing so can cause rashes on the skin.
    • When you take a bath after scrubbing, apply lotion.
    • Do a patch test before using any homemade scrub.
    • Use body scrub once or twice a week

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