Why some people are silent ..

They act as they please. They know whose power they are interested in and focus on what is going on. This is how success is achieved. And if this is the case then maybe some people are realizing their power potential or failing as well as some of the lives we see are very inspiring. Others destroy life with their bare hands. There is a big difference between man and man, even in words.
It is better to stay away from this mass.
Some people talk too much and some people are always silent. Today we will find out why but there are many reasons not to talk much. And what are those reasons ..?, Now let’s look at why so many people talk so little. And now look for it completely without any delay.

They can be geniuses:

Most of the people who are quiet are also intelligent. Some people think that they should be quiet without saying what they like. They decide that it is better to be silent than to say something like this. That is why the very intelligent ones sit quietly without speaking.
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These reasons may also be:

There are so many types of people in our world that some people just stop talking. Others do not speak at all. This is how each one is unique. But there are many reasons behind being silent. But many people see such people and misunderstand them unnecessarily. But why are some so silent. That means there are eight reasons behind it. Learn about those reasons and don’t get me wrong. And let’s always take a look at them.

Why do some people talk so much ..

What they have to say or suffer about:

Sometimes some people can’t speak. They think they have to be quiet when they can’t express what they think in their mind. Even if they seem to want to talk, they are too quiet to say it. Like this, they are stunned because of fear or any other reason they can not say what they think. Do not talk and decide that it is better to be silent with this. This is also one of the reasons behind not talking.

Depression problem:

Depression is a mental illness. Even when there is such a mental problem it is better to remain silent without speaking. People who are depressed tend to have more thoughts. Because of these thoughts they stop talking. If they talk, they will know that they are not happy. They know that they are in trouble. They decide that it is best to remain silent so they sit silently without talking much.

Not to mention the secrets:

It is also a type in humans. They want to keep some things very secret so they will not express anything. But they want the attention of others, such as giving expressions with the eyes without speaking and giving expressions with the face. That’s all but they don’t talk about it. As well as keeping things secret so that even such people are silent.

Do not speak for fear of being overly talkative:

Some people think that the reason they keep quiet is because they are not good enough to talk to. They do not say whether others like what they say. This is especially so in schools and workplaces. They also have very little faith in themselves. That’s why they don’t like to talk much. Most people do not speak up for this reason as well.
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Keep a close eye on:

And for some as a result, they’re keeping quiet. Most people observe others without speaking. After that stop and talk slowly. The situation of those who speak will be worse if they speak a little.


Some people talk too much but can’t speak at all even though it seems very confusing. For this reason too many people remain silent without speaking. This is one of the reasons why I do not even speak.

Being silent for good ideas:

It is better to be silent than to have any problem or come up with any idea. That is why some people sit in silence and think without making a good decision to make a decision as Clarity at a time like this. In fact there are so many reasons behind silence so never misunderstand if someone is silent. It is good to understand them.