Why not a hotel room for unmarried couples? What do our laws say?

The first question that comes to mind when going to

Ka Pulse Hotel is .. & lsquo; & lsquo; Are you married? Or what happens to each other & rsquo; & rsquo; That. Or tell your face to give room to unmarried couples. Couples are spying on some hotels. This is a very embarrassing situation for customers. Is it a crime for unmarried couples to be alone in the same hotel room? Doubt is in many. There is also the fear of police riding. Be brave and stay in the hotel .. something anxious is haunting them. As a result, many are booking OYO rooms instead of regular hotels. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Many are skeptical about why action should not be taken against those hotels that offer rooms to unmarried couples. To clear that doubt .. be sure to know what our laws say about unmarried couples staying in hotels. & Nbsp;

Before learning about our laws .. you need to know about hotel managers in advance. Some take girls outside of hotels. The managers felt that the hotel would be discredited if the rides took place at that time. Also, the police will raid when they find out that immoral activities like prostitution are going on. Others staying at the hotel at that time will also be questioned. Even after that the police are constantly on the lookout. Couples are not allowed to give room to suspicious people because of such embarrassing issues. & Nbsp;

Now when it comes to our laws .. unmarried couples can stay in the same room in hotels. However, their age must be above 18 years. Appropriate identification cards are also required. There is no law to say that unmarried couples should not stay in hotels. However, some hotels and guest houses in our country are reluctant to give them a room. However, it is an own rule imposed by hoteliers. So .. respect their rules. & Nbsp;

What do the courts say ?: In 2019, Coimbatore district authorities sealed an apartment flat. He said that unmarried couples were staying in it and hence action was taken. The Madras High Court, which heard the case, ruled that there was no provision for unmarried couples or men and women to stay together in hotel rooms. It is also not a crime to live together in the same house without getting married & rsquo; & rsquo;

The Constitution of India grants citizens the right to privacy through Article 21. Sexual autonomy is also an integral part of this article. The Supreme Court also upheld Puttaswamy’s judgment in 2017 and Navtej Johar’s judgment in 2018. & nbsp;
పె Unmarried couples from the same city are not allowed to stay in a hotel in the same city. But, it’s not a crime either. However, two names must be included in the rental agreement. & Nbsp;
పోలీసులు Police should not arrest couples staying in the same hotel by mutual consent. Find out if the hotel you are staying at has a good history. Because .. prostitution is rampant in some hotels. Police have repeatedly raided those hotels. So .. choose hotels that do not have such a history. Companies like Oyo and Stay Uncle select good hotels and take on management responsibilities. Therefore .. there is a good demand for these hotels in the market. If you have the appropriate identification card .. no objection. Ask themselves what rule they are questioning. However, some hotels impose certain rules on themselves with the intention that they should not cause any inconvenience to their customers. So .. if you do not follow their rules and commit any unethical activities .. no hotel managers will stop you. Over and over you will have no objection to anyone having the appropriate identity cards available to you. However, if one finds loopholes in these rules and makes mistakes, one day he will have to stand guilty in front of the society. & Nbsp;


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