Why do fits occur? Why not lock hands in the patient’s hand? What to do immediately after a seizure?

Fits.. This is also what we call epilepsy. Epilepsy in medical terms is known as seizures. Fits can be caused by many reasons. Fluctuations in blood sugar or sodium levels in your body, head injury or a brain tumor, Alzheimer’s disease, high fever or brain-damaging infections, dementia, or neurological problems can also cause fits. In about 40 percent of people, epilepsy is caused by genetic connection. 

To explain more deeply… Epilepsy is a shock caused by sudden uncontrolled electrical activity from a group of neurons in the brain. Not all types of fits are considered seizures. You don’t have to have a chronic illness to get fits. This problem can also occur suddenly in people who drink too much alcohol. A severe decrease in blood flow can also cause a seizure. One in ten people will experience epilepsy in their lifetime. Some fits can even lead to death. Such people require immediate action. 

Focal Seizures: These seizures are caused by hyperactivation in the brain. These mostly occur in adults. A problem in the left side of the brain causes the right hand to tremble. If there is a problem in the right side, there will be tremors in the left hand followed by fits. Before the fits, the person will see flashes in the eyes and strange visions. 

For small reasons, the focal temporal lobe‌ Seizures occur. Sudden fear and strong smell can lead to seizures. Some seizures have no treatment at all. It gradually affects the brain tissue. They cause fits for the smallest reason. Therefore, such victims should be dealt with very gently. There is treatment for some seizures. You should consult a neurologist immediately if the following symptoms appear. 

Beware of these symptoms

⦿ Profuse sweating, nausea, dizziness. 
⦿ Drooling from the mouth.
⦿ Headache, ringing in the ears. 
⦿ Changes in heart rhythm. 
⦿ Temporary confusion.
⦿ Muscle stiffness. 
⦿ Legs and arms moving on their own.&nbsp ;
⦿ Confusion or disorientation. 
⦿ Fear, anxiety, look of distress. 

Why do people with fits have locks on their hands?: Fainting You will hear about iron shackles being placed on the patient’s hand. It is actually superstition. It is an old belief that holding iron in the hand will reduce fits. Iron was once thought to control the agitation in the brain and reduce fits. But, fits are not permanent. Only for a while. Because of that, they think that the fits will decrease due to locking hands. Medical experts have warned many times that there is a risk of injury due to putting metal during fits. 

What to do when fits?: People who suffer from fits get confused. They don’t even know where they are falling. Such people should be taken to a safe place first. Do not try to forcefully stop the fits by grabbing the legs and arms. Do not move the victim too much. Loosen the clothes and let the air play. Hold it so that it leans to one side. If the fits do not subside, you should immediately go to the hospital. People suffering from epilepsy should not swim, run or drive. If symptoms appear while driving, park the vehicle immediately. Epilepsy does not cause brain damage. But, it is some kind of shock or sudden jerk that causes the problem. Some people bite their tongues when they have fits. Falling can break bones. So, the best way is to immediately take those who have fits to the hospital. 

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