Why be afraid to call 108? Someone today, tomorrow you will have that problem? Do you know these rules?

‘‘This day a road  accident took place in Chandanagar‌ A 50-year-old woman fell on the road and lost consciousness after being hit by a van. She is not opening her eyes at all. No one called 108 even though it was almost 5 minutes after the accident. Looking at each other’s faces to see if someone else would do it. But, no one called. Just passing by ‘ABP country’ The representative saw the incident and called 108. But, the ambulances were already busy. The ambulance did not come for a long time. The truck driver himself, who caused the accident, took her to a private hospital, thinking that she would lose her life if she delayed. Why the 108 ambulance did not come immediately is another matter. But why aren’t people calling 108 immediately after an accident? Why are you looking? No one is responsible? Questions arise in everyone’s mind. After all.. if you were in that place, would you call 108?

Responsibility is there, but fear: No one wants to watch and watch if life is lost. Surely someone will feel sorry for someone. But, if they call 108.. they think that they will have to stop their work and stay there or the police will also question them. Many people do not come forward with the intention of taking that risk. Besides, someone is going to call an ambulance, wondering why we are getting involved. However, you should remember one thing. It is very evil to watch your life dying before your eyes. Call 108 immediately if possible. Because those involved in an accident definitely need first aid. Many people are not aware of this. So, at least if the ambulance is called as soon as possible… they will come immediately and save the victims. Every minute of an accident is crucial. 

What do the rules say?: If you call 108 from the area of ​​the accident you will have no problem. You just need to tell them the location of the accident, the landmark. If it’s a serious accident, call the police. Then the emergency services are immediately alerted and respond quickly. Only fake calls and prank calls are the problem. Calling 108 means you are helping to save someone’s life. If the 108 ambulance is delayed when you call, the injured can be taken to the nearest hospital. Even if you don’t have that much time and there are no companions accompanying the injured, you can call 100 and take the help of the police. You can hand over the victims to the police and leave. But, in some areas, immediately after calling 108, the information goes to the police. In some centres, we have to call the police ourselves.

When to call 108?: Severe injuries, heart pain, stroke, acute respiratory problems, diabetes emergency, acute pain , 108 Ambulance services can be availed in case of severe or urgent problems like fainting, loss of consciousness, injury in animal attack, high fever, infections. Call 108 and explain the problem in detail. Depending on that, the medical staff in the ambulance prepares for the first aid.

Someone today.. tomorrow may be you: Immediately after the accident ‘‘Ayyopapam’’ Don’t feel sorry for that. Has anyone called 108? Ask that. If no one calls, take it upon yourself. Because.. those victims also have affection and family. Someone may have that problem today. If no one steps back without calling 108, lives may be lost. If you don’t want it to reach you, you need to be aware and conscious about it. So, don’t hesitate to call 108. Be sure to try to protect your fellow man. Share these details and create awareness among everyone. 

What should be done immediately after the accident?

The following problems may occur in the victims immediately after the accident:&nbsp ;
⦿ Asphyxia (loss of oxygen)
⦿ Heart attack
⦿ Severe bleeding 
⦿ Injuries 

Those four minutes are crucial : Many people lose consciousness immediately after an accident. However, they should not be considered dead. The first four minutes of the accident are crucial. There are chances of oxygen block due to accident. It makes them lose consciousness. Therefore, it is important to restore their oxygen. 

Do this immediately:

⦿ Move them from the danger area to a safe area. 
⦿ Immediately call 108 ambulance, Call 100 and give information. 
⦿ Put mouth to mouth and blow air to provide breathing. 
⦿ If cardiac arrest is suspected..do CPR (Caution for serious injuries)
⦿ Check for bleeding too. Stop. 
⦿ The casualty should be laid very gently and slowly on the ground. 
⦿ They should not be agitated. Nothing happened, everything is fine. 
⦿ If possible, turn the victim/victim to lie down on one side. 
⦿ No neck, chest Make the clothing loose. Undress. 
⦿ If ambulances are delayed in coming to your area, take them to the nearest hospital. 
⦿ If you notice that they are not breathing.. Close the victim’s nose and blow air into the mouth until the chest rises. 
⦿ Chest If it does not rise..  Blow air every four seconds for adults and every three seconds for children. It will increase the bleeding. 
⦿ Wrap a cloth and bandage the wound to prevent bleeding.
⦿ You should do all this before the ambulance arrives. 

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