WhatsApp Emojis: Do you know the meaning of those colored heart emojis on WhatsApp? Each color has a different feeling!

WhatsApp Emojis: Gone are the days of words and messages. Everything is running emojis. Emojis are used more than messages on social media. If they want to give any reaction, they give it in the form of a message before. But now one emoji is enough. Just one emoji is enough to express our feelings. Day by day technology breaks new ground and gives us updated version. It is no exaggeration to say that emojis are reigning everywhere in social media, not WhatsApp.

Love, anger, pain, happiness, sorrow, laughter, crying, hunger, any feeling is expressed in one emoji. Some people talk with emojis because they waste time typing messages. Each emoji has a different meaning. Also, heart symbol emojis are now available in many colors on WhatsApp to express love. But very few people know their meaning. Everyone usually uses the red heart symbol more. We don’t know or care about them because we have the same with the rest. But did you know that different colored heart emojis have different meanings? Check it out. 

Red Heart Emoji

This is the most used one by all. It is usually used by those who are truly in love. Even if it’s something they like, they immediately put a red heart emoji.

Black heart

It is also used sarcastically. It is indicated when having awkward humor, romantic love, emotional feeling. This black heart emoji is also used to express sadness.

White heart emoji

When someone loses a loved one, the white heart emoji is used as a sign of sympathy. It means sympathy.

Blue Color Heart

This blue heart emoji can be used when expressing love, support, appreciation, happiness, excitement.

< h3>Yellow color heart emoji

It represents sensitivity. This is very useful when someone is meeting new people to show how sensitive they are.

Purple Heart Symbol

It is good for mischievousness. So use it when showing your naughty side. It is not sent to everyone. So think a little while using it.

Green Heart Symbol

Do you think that green is related to the environment. There is nothing like that. But mostly it is used when talking about environment and green beauty. So think twice when you send heart emojis and post. 

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