What is a low carb – high fat diet? How does it benefit the body? find out


Low Carb High Fat Way of Eating :  Today we are going to learn about Low Carb – High  Fat (LCHF) diet. How to follow the LCHF diet in daily life, does it provide all the nutrients? Today we are going to know the answers to all the questions about how much carbohydrates should be eaten daily. Cardio-metabolic, sports nutrition consultant and  expert doctor Mridul Kumbhojkar has given information about low carb high fat diet. 

LCHF (fatty-protein) diet is a balanced diet. But, our Indian food culture is one of high carbohydrate diet. Now it will not be so easy to change it. But if we understand the scientific point of view behind it, things will be easier. From  breakfast to  dinner you can enjoy Dosa, Idli, Upma, Chapati, Bhaat, Paratha, Poha, etc. Khata and on the other hand very small amount of cheese, paneer, butter, ghee is eaten.  But you are still fat. Abdominal circumference is this. no So have you ever thought about why this is so? No.  So who exactly is guilty? Carbohydrates or fats? The answer is of course ‘carbs’ is A diet rich in carbohydrates leads to weight gain, which means more fat is stored in the body. Dietary fats and excess body fat have nothing to do with each other. There is a huge difference between dietary fat and body fat.  

Why is LCHF (fatty protein) diet beneficial? –
Reduces insulin resistance
Increases HDL (good cholesterol)
Maintains energy levels in the body for a long time. 
Makes muscles strong 
Weight Helps to reduce. 
Skin stays clear and hydrated. 
No sudden rise in blood glucose (sugar), thus keeping blood sugar levels under control. 

This is a long-term lifestyle change. When you take an introspective look at your lifestyle, you’ll find that eating dietary fats is highly discouraged. (most underrated). Fat (dietary fats) is not bad. Don’t be afraid of fats   Dietary fats are good for your body. Dietary fats are essential in good amounts to maintain muscle health and overall health.

“Dietary Fats” Which one exactly? :-  , cashews, walnuts, e)
Cream (cy)
Eggs (the yellow part – very important. Do not throw it away.)

Now comes the important point, how many carbohydrates should we consume in this LCHF diet? So, it should be approximately 100 grams. That is enough. LCHF lifestyle and keto are different, don’t confuse these two diets. When our brain runs entirely on fat (75% fats), the “keto diet” That being said and adopting such a lifestyle is a bit difficult. So instead of being on keto, you should implement an LCHF diet that contains carbohydrates but in smaller amounts. A lot of research has been done on this and it is going to be the perfect nutrition of the future.

Exercising well is very beneficial for the body and will  benefit you :-
 Retains skin glow and hydration
 Reduces body fat percentage and Helps to increase muscle production. 
 Not as hungry
 Sleeps better. 
 Keeps good, healthy hair. 
&nbsp ;No metabolic disorders (acidity, gas e )
 No hormonal imbalance

Fats increase the palatability of food. So, let’s stick to the LCHF (fatty-protein) lifestyle. This diet complements your body, provides balanced nutrition and makes you fit from within. Make the change yourself…Develop proper nutrition. 

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