What does camel have to do with Wednesday? What is the tradition that has been followed since the 1950s?

Did you know…. Wednesday is known as Hump Day. There is also a logical explanation for it. Just… first think about one thing. Almost all over the world, be it jobs or studies… there is a 5 day week. What kind of 5 day week is that too…? 5 day week from Monday to Friday. There are weekly offs on Saturday and Sunday… in most of the jobs.

So now let’s come to the matter. Why is Wednesday called Hump Day? What is the actual hump? The hump of a camel is called a hump. Traditionally, Wednesday is the third day of the 5 working days. That is in the middle. Generally what is the feeling that many people have… that Mondays are spent very lazily. That is called Mande Blues in English. Tuesday will be more or less the same.  

So….the first two days of the working week will be very heavy and lethargic. So this feeling is compared to a camel’s hump. Those two days were described as very dull, slow… days of getting over the hump. Wednesday is the day in the middle of the week. That day… we feel like we’ve reached the top of the hump. So from there the remaining two days…Thursday and Friday feel like they passed very quickly. After that, the weekend vibes will continue. So that’s it… the next day after spending 2 days on it is….Wednesday. Correctly it is in the middle of the week…. it is called hump day. It feels like the next few days will be smooth sailing. In this way, calling Wednesday as Hump Day started in America in the 1950s. After that, it is said that the word hump day is being used more in the western work culture. This is Hump’s connection to Wednesday.

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