Weird: This is a strange phobia, so rent a supermarket and do it

Most people see cleanliness. Jejamma is for such people. Eventually no one should be there even when he is shopping. That’s why the supermarket is renting and shopping for one hour a week. & nbsp; Corona virus infection has made her even more hygienic. Her name is Emma. Husband’s name is Lucas. Lives in America. They also have a baby. & Nbsp;

Emma, ​​her husband is a strange person. Outsiders do not go to their house and do not let anyone into their house. At least people do not go to the shops if they are seen. The cause is germs. They fear that human-to-human transmission of germs will lead to health problems. That is why they isolated themselves. Lucas rents the supermarket for an hour a week. None of the other customers except Emma were allowed inside at the time. For this they are paying extra money to the supermarket owner. Emma is accompanied by a single salesman wearing a PPE kit. The couple buys enough supplies for the week.

Emma and Lucas are a well-to-do couple. That’s why they rent the supermarket for an hour and do a lot of shopping. Emma is very happy about this. She says they have the money so they can do whatever they want. They do not stay in hotels for fear of insects and do not go to other people’s houses. Not even planes. They just go anywhere in their car. Huge sums of money came in. Invested them wisely. With this, both the spouses are staying at home without doing any work. They take care of their daughter without any deficit. & nbsp;


Important Note: Health professionals, as mentioned in many studies, are presented here as usual. You should consult a doctor or dietitian if you have any doubts. You will notice that this article is just for your understanding.

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