Weird: The groom went to the hospital on the wedding day, but the wedding took place … The bride did this on the advice of the groom

The two lovers are all set for their wedding. The relatives, the wedding venue were all ready. Exactly the same day the groom fell ill. But he does not like to get married. He called the bride and told her how to get married and she joined the hospital. The bride ends up marrying him as the groom says. The incident took place in North Carolina, USA. Now their wedding photos have gone viral on Netflix. In the wedding photo, the bride looks like a normal, but the groom looks like a puppet in the fields. A stick is attached to the groom’s blazer and the tablet is placed in place of the face. A photo of the groom was placed on the tablet. The bride cut the cake with his doll.

The names of the bride and groom are unknown but their story has gone viral in America. Tick ​​tock wedding photos of the two have become a tribal trend. They have both been in love for the past eight years. Corona hit twice for their dream of being single with marriage. The groom was very upset when the marriage came to a standstill for the third time. He said that he ended the wedding thread with the intention of not stopping the wedding. He thanked everyone who made the arrangements as he said. The hospital quickly returned home and said he wanted his wife and her family to be happy. & Nbsp;

Netizens reacted one by one. Some were blessed, while others commented on whether she should marry an iPod. Others have criticized the government for not spending money on weddings. However, the groom postponed the wedding twice and postponed it a third time.

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