Weight Loss: Want to lose weight quickly? Try this recipe


5 Weight Loss Recipe : Gaining weight is very easy, but Losing weight very difficult. Nowadays most of them are suffering from weight gain problem. Busy lifestyle, improper diet, lack of exercise invite obesity and related diseases. This leads to many other problems. You also want to lose weight. But there will be no more time for dieting. So you can lose weight fast with some quick and easy low calorie recipes.

Walnut Fig Smoothie

Many people think that eating bananas will lead to weight gain. But if you drink a smoothie with milk mixed with bananas, walnuts and figs, you will lose weight quickly.

Dahi Chana Chaat

Chaat made of protein-rich boiled chickpeas and curd is a great recipe for your weight loss. For this recipe just mix some boiled chickpeas and curd with your favorite masala or chaat masala and enjoy.

Oats Dahi Masala

Oats are considered a great option for weight loss. Adding curd to oats makes them very tasty. For this you soak oats in curd and mix it with your favorite chopped vegetables like carrot, onion and coriander. Add salt, roasted cumin powder and red chillies and your oats-curd masala is ready.

Green Apple Spinach Smoothie 

Apple contains fiber that digests slowly after eating, so it doesn’t cause hunger pangs. You can make a green apple smoothie by mixing apples and spinach to help you lose weight.

Banana, Cinnamon, Almond Smoothie

You can easily prepare a smoothie by mixing a banana, four almonds, milk, curd and cinnamon powder. Grind all these ingredients in a mixer and make a smoothie. This smoothie is helpful for weight loss.


Dal is very beneficial as it contains protein, thus helps in weight loss. But many a times we add oil or ghee to home made dal, it adds weight. You should consume pulses without adding ghee or oil. This will help in weight loss.

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