Wedding : ‘Naav Ghe Naav Pori Don’t Be Shy’…Some Simple and Funny Quotes for the Bride in Wedding


Indian Wedding Ceremony : After Tulsi Wedding (Tulsi Vivah) In India the clarinet-bells begin to ring. These Indian Wedding Ceremony days start from October to May. When it comes to wedding, there are many rituals, traditions, ceremonies, shopping, and many moments of joy and excitement. Among these, one method that has been used since ancient times is that of taking ukhana. In marriage, many advices are given by mother, sister, aunt and uncle. However, it also has some old sayings. If you want to have some delicious food in your wedding, then here we have brought you a treasure of food.

The practice of taking Ukhane when a married bride goes from Mahera to her in-laws is considered one of the most important traditions. Meanwhile, many brides-to-be are confused with the idea of ​​what to wear at the wedding. We have come up with some simple tips for such brides-to-be. Which you can easily take in marriage.

Some wedding quotes : 

1. Two bowls of Mangalsutra were given to me by father-in-law and Maher————————–"text-align: justify;">2. The world is like a vine, swinging in the sky,
—– takes the name of Rav, bless me

3. Born in a well-educated family, came to Kulwant family,
—–became fortunate to marry Rao

4. By the rays of the sun, the morning dawned—by Ravas, every path is pleasant

5. With the silken threads of love, I wove comfort—-with the Ravas, the flower of life bloomed

6. The bud smiled, the flower bloomed, the fragrance blossomed—-because of Ravas, joy blossomed in life

7. Premrupi lights the wick of love in the lamp—started to take the name of Rao from today

8. Stars shining in the sky, diamonds shining on the ground—Rao is my ornament true

9. Clarinet and Choughde, Vaje Sapta surat—takes the name of Rao—in the house

10. Behind loving words there is a feeling of appreciation—with Rao’s companionship begins coexistence

11. Takes the name for the sake of insistence, should be blessed,—may have the company of Rao throughout life

12. Jodi Aamsha Jamli, 36 points collected; —- takes the name of Rav, daughter-in-law of —-

13. Mother did the rites, father did the enabling—- together, the foundation of the world will be strong

14. Nanddeep shines in the light of the world with satisfaction—taking the name of Rao, asking for the blessings of eternal good fortune

15. Book of Sansararupi, first page opened—takes the name of Rao and respects everyone

16. All are gathered at the door of—– calling the name of Rao, let them come in the house

17. New direction, new hope, new home debut—offering my all in Rao’s life

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