Weak Child Symptoms: These are 5 symptoms of weakness in children… definitely recognize them

Weak Child Symptoms: These are 5 symptoms of weakness in children… definitely recognize them

Child Weaknesses Examples: The son is called Ladla in the house and the daughter’s Ladli. The reason behind this is that children are pampered. He is also called the lamp of the house. But the lamp of the house should be lit in the future. It is necessary for him to take proper care of his health. Many symptoms are also seen in the child before getting sick. Just need to take care of those symptoms. Today we will talk about similar symptoms, which are commonly seen in children. 

 Staying tired throughout the day

If the child’s body remains dull . Neither plays nor is interested in any work. If he also complains of headache, then there is a need to pay some attention towards the child at this time. These are the symptoms of unwell health of the child. If such a situation arises, the doctor should be seen immediately. 

Difficulty in breathing while running

It is normal to increase the speed of breath and heart while running. If any small or big child runs or walks with fast steps, then in this condition the heart rate increases. But there is a need to be alert if there is shortness of breath and chest pain while playing. 

Complaining of pain in the legs

Many times in the legs of children it pains. This is usually due to nutritional deficiency. They start to feel pain while running, jumping or walking in general. Sometimes children feel pain in their feet even while walking. In such a situation, there is a need to be alert. This can be due to calcium deficiency. 


There are many children who get fever every week or few days. When the immunity of such children is weak, fever keeps on forming again and again. That’s why it is necessary to boost the immunity of children on the advice of the doctor. 

Facial problems 

The common symptom of weakness in children is that the child’s face is dry. Is. Lip puffiness, dark circles under the eyes, rashes on the body, difficulty in swallowing are signs. Pay attention to these and get treatment from the doctor. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of the doctor or the concerned expert. .

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