Water: Government data says that water is not poison, there are dangerous metals in groundwater, it is safe to drink this

Water is vital. The body was healthy only by drinking good water. But we may be drinking dangerous metals without knowing it. This government data is proof of that. The central government has released a data that contains toxic metals that are the most dangerous to health in groundwater. Recently, a study on ground water was conducted under the auspices of the central government. This shocking thing is known in the report. According to the details disclosed by the Hydropower Ministry, the groundwater in almost all the states has become toxic. This problem is very serious especially in villages. 

What was found in the study?
Dangerous arsenic was found in the ground water of 209 districts of the country. Also, 152 districts have been found to have uranium metal in the water. Both of these can cause serious illness to the human body. 0.03 milligrams of uranium was detected in a liter of water. It was also found that 0.01 milligram of arsenic is present in a liter of water. Cadmium deficiency was also found to be 0.003 milligrams per liter of water. Due to long-term drinking of this water, there is a possibility that these may accumulate in the body for a few years. 
More than 80 percent of the country’s population is drinking groundwater. They are drinking water contaminated with fluoride, arsenic and iron. Heavy salt, nitrites and heavy metals are present in that water. 

These problems cannot be avoided
Due to drinking water with heavy metals for a long time, the stomach, kidneys and liver will be affected for years. Problems may start. 
1. Digestive problems
2. Diarrhea
3. Nausea
4. Abdominal pain
5. Dehydration 

Safe to do this
Do not drink water directly. Drink only boiled and cooled water. If brewing is difficult, use filters. Some filters filter out all types of metals. It is better to use such. 

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