Want your children to be beneficiaries? But watch TV with them, because..

Among these children are staying away from games. They pass the time watching children’s channels or OTT movies at home. This situation has become worse due to the corona virus. Adults have given them smart phones, tab, laptops in wrong situations for online classes. So they gradually became a habit for them. Even if the classes are not going on.. they keep looking at something on the phone. Many children spend time watching TV channels as they are not allowed to play outside during Corona time. It also became an addiction for them. However, you should be aware of what your children are watching. If possible sit next to them.. watch TV together. Make them aware of the programs coming on TV. As much as possible show them the programs that impart knowledge..explain what it entails. Knowledge can be increased in children by discussing them. Because of this, children can learn a lot of things without going out. This will also benefit your children. Yes, it’s true. Many recent studies have also proved this. Researchers have found that adults who watch TV with their children have seen significant changes in them. See what else you know. 

As screen time increases, children may lose interest in playing and fall behind in language learning. Researchers at Perthsmith University say that such problems may be caused by the programs they look at.  But parents watching TV with their children not only improves their learning skills but also their conversational skills  A study says that they will also improve.

‘‘Children cannot understand the information and meaning of some programs on TV. Difficulty in generalizing them. In such cases their brain may not be able to receive the information’’ Dr. Easter Somogi believes. But if adults watch TV together with children and explain about it and talk about unknown things, it will help them to understand the matter quickly. Children especially need such support while watching educational programs.

Child guardians should also use new technology to educate children, advises Dr. Bahia Gullai, another researcher from Paris. However, smart phones and televisions help increase social interaction among children. But he also makes an important suggestion not to forget that they are not a substitute for adults.  The current generation and the upcoming generation too, how much screen time we should allocate in a day is another skill that needs to be learned in life.  The importance of this study has now increased due to changes in the mental states of children due to increased screen time due to lockdowns during the pandemic. This study is based on the results of 478 studies in the last twenty years.

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