Wake up late: Do you get sick if you wake up late? Sleep fast Basu!

Many of us do not like to wake up early. There are no reasons for that, work pressure, sleeping late at night, staring at the phone for a long time without falling asleep, we are not able to wake up early. By doing this, our body functions slow down. Due to that we have to face many problems physically and mentally. If sleeping and waking up are not done at the right time, it will alter the biological clock of our body and it will affect our brain. If this clock is out of order, it slows down our appetite, mental state, alertness and the functioning of body organs. This causes us to face many health problems.

Disruption of our biological clock can affect our digestion. Many studies have also been conducted on the problems our body faces due to not waking up on time. Let’s see what happens if the biological clock goes wrong..

Myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack): Are you working in the night shift and suddenly switching to the morning shift? But you have to be careful. Studies say that by doing this, there are more indications of heart pain.

Diabetes: Experts say that due to sudden changes in our biological clock, we are more likely to get diabetes. Due to this there are drastic changes in our blood sugar level.

Memory impairment: Signals from the brain to the body are altered. Apart from that, the memory also slows down.  There will be a change in our way of thinking. We can’t be excited when we wake up. Lethargic.

Stress: If there are changes in the body clock it shows severe stress on us. Can’t pay attention to any  work. After working for a while, we get very tired. Along with impaired concentration we have to face many problems. Melatonin is produced by our body at night. It makes you sleep better. In the morning, its production decreases. Then the brain works faster.

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