Vitamin D: How to get ‘Vitamin-D’ in winter? What happens if it is missing?

Vitamin D: How to get ‘Vitamin-D’ in winter?  What happens if it is missing?

Winter season has arrived. This period has come and it means that the cold tiger will flourish. Moreover, sunlight also decreases. Due to this, vitamin-D deficiency occurs in many people. But doctors advise to sit in the sun for a while in winter. But along with the sun, experts suggest that you include vitamin-D rich foods in your diet.

Vitamin-D is a very important nutrient for the health of our bones, teeth and muscles. Moreover, it helps in proper absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body by vitamin-D. Vitamin-D strengthens our bones. Vitamin-D deficiency can lead to weak bones. Eventually it leads to osteoporosis. But actually the biggest source of vitamin-D for the body is sunlight, so experts suggest that our body should be exposed to sunlight.

However, sunlight is less in winter, so according to experts, vitamin-D deficiency is common during this period. . In such a situation, let’s find out how to get Vitamin-D. 

Because of the cold we are not so keen to go outside. But this is a bad habit. Experts suggest to sit outside in the sun for six days a day. According to the  research of scientists, you can get enough vitamin-D by getting 8 to 15 minutes of sunlight daily. 

Foods rich in vitamin-D should be consumed:

Apart from getting sunlight, you should also pay attention to your diet. Your diet provides all the nutrients the body needs, with sunlight being the best source of vitamin-D. However, certain foods eaten daily can also increase their levels. You can include these foods in your diet: oranges,  eggs. mushroom Tuna fish. Salmon fish. Pasteurized milk. Vitamin-D is found in grains.

What are the symptoms of vitamin-D deficiency?

When the body is deficient in vitamin-D, you may experience the following symptoms:

– Body feels weak.

– Feels tired even after sleeping at night.

– Pain in bones, joints.

– Muscle weakness, Pain or muscle cramps

– Mood changes such as depression

When to take vitamin-D supplements?

When you don’t get enough sunlight,  or enough in your diet   If not getting vitamin-D, you may need to take vitamin-D supplements. But before taking vitamin-D supplements, consult your doctor.

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