ViSa: It is very difficult to get a visa for these countries, you will be shocked to know about these countries

There are many countries in the world. Many people go there as tourists. Also many people go abroad for studies. But some countries do not allow foreigners into their country so quickly. They do not want to give visa. 

Russia does not give visas that easily. It will take you a little longer to get a Russian visa. As part of this country’s visa process, there is a form to be filled, which has a lot of questions. Moreover, they have to fill all the places they have visited in the last ten years to get the visa approved.

Most people go to China for medical education. Others go sightseeing. The visa process for this country is very long. The documents they ask are also high. It takes a lot of time to submit all those documents. 

There are many places to see in this country. Some travel for work. It also takes a lot of time to get this country’s visa. You must first apply for the code provided by your official Iranian travel agency. After getting that code, apply for visa. This code is also issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

Very few people visit this country due to strict visa regulations. An invitation letter should be obtained from any organization or person in that country. A visa application filled out by the Turkmen State Migration Service should be completed. Visa for this country is not an easy task. 

Even if you want to laugh… it’s true. Even going to Pakistan requires a sponsor. That means there should be people you know in that country and a tour company. You should have the invitation letter as they called. After that, the visa process starts.

If you want to go to Cuba, a communist country, it is easier for other countries to get a visa, but only for Americans. There are tourist cards. Some are given green tourist cards. If Americans come, pink tourist cards. That means many people don’t get a visa. 

North Korea
North Korea is the only country in the world that has a dictator. Kim Jong Un, the president of that country, sets the rules to surpass Hitler. It is said to be the first of the few countries where obtaining a visa is difficult. People coming from South Korea and Americans cannot enter this country. Getting a visa is very difficult. Even if you come, you should not talk to those countrymen. It is forbidden to talk about dictator Kim. Don’t go to tourist places as you like. That’s why not many tourists go to that country. 

This is a beautiful country. But due to lack of proper timing and rules for visa processing method, the process of getting the visa is very delayed. Application is only in French  language. So other nationals cannot fill. 

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