Viral Video: See how the monkey runs away after hitting the apple in the bag?

Monkey is in the top place among the smartest animals on this earth. A monkey thinks like a human being. More than 90 percent of the work done by humans is done by monkeys. will do Charuga shows great intelligence in stealing food from people. Sometimes monkeys grab phones, glasses and other things.  Most of the food items are stolen. Sometimes they break into houses and loot various things. It carries other ingredients including fruits.   

Many times, monkeys are seen swiping food from tourists near temples and parks. They take chips and fruits and run away. Fresh from a person’s bag  A monkey eats an apple  A very clever theft  The video of running away is doing well on social media. Going viral. A man is carrying a bag on his back. There are some apples in it. He was sitting in the park and looking at the beauty of the surroundings. A monkey who is there comes near the bag. Suspecting that there is something to eat in the bag, she first opens the bag zip. In that  There will be nothing. Not stopping there.. opens another zip. Apples are found in it. A monkey gets happiness like no other. She immediately puts her hand inside and takes an apple. Silently runs away from there.


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The monkey theft video was shared on Instagram by user ‘waowafrica’. Currently, this video is doing the rounds on social media.  Monkey is the most  Netizens are commenting that he looks like an expert thief. Various funny comments are showering jokes.  Currently this video has 103k views. Hundreds of comments are coming. Netizens are amazed by the monkey’s intelligence.

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