Viral Video: Is it necessary to take such a risk Guru? Shocking incident while covering hurricane news, lives are lost!

Hurricane Ian shakes America. The state of Florida was shaken by this hurricane. Huge trees fell in many areas. Electric poles were destroyed. Roads are cut off. It was identified as the fifth largest hurricane in American history. This hurricane is creating panic in the main states of America.    

Hurricane Ian has already wreaked havoc in western Cuba. A recent landfall in Florida caused extensive damage. The power system was completely destroyed due to this storm. Videos related to this hurricane are going viral on social media. The difficulties faced by the locals due to this typhoon are clearly visible in these videos and photos. While some people get caught in the rain, others face many challenges during the journey. In these videos, trees are seen toppled due to strong winds along with water flooding the main roads.

A weather reporter’s work to cover the news of a severe hurricane has gone viral on social media. A reporter thought to give a live when the wind was blowing hard. Live started from the studio. While he was describing the intensity of the hurricane, the intensity of the wind increased significantly. He struggled to stand. Meanwhile, a tree branch flew and hit his leg. He fell down. A situation arose where the wind blows. However, slowly.. without losing his grip.. he came to the side from there and grabbed the sign board and saved himself.

Jim Cantore got hit by a flying tree branch during hurricane report

— Gifdsports (@gifdsports) September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida‌ After the fall, meteorologist Jim Cantor wanted to do a weather report. He started broadcasting live to describe the hurricane. While telling the details of the typhoon, the wind was blowing at a speed of 177 kmph. Due to this he got into serious trouble. Finally he escaped from the storm by holding the sign board. He came out saying that he is alive. Now this video clip has become viral on social media. While some are praising Jim Cantor’s reporting, others need to be saved?

Some more videos showing the hurricane disaster: 

Our community in Southwest Florida will not be the same for a very long time as a result of . This storm surge has destroyed everything in its path and it’s still going. #HurricaneIan #FortMyers

— Joe Guerra (@_jg54) September 28, 2022

Video sent by viewer out of SE #CapeCoral @winknews @MattDevittWINK @DylanFedericoWX @AmandaLaurenWx @WXRules @KCShermanWx @julianamwx @NashWX #huricaneian

— Nicole Gabe (@NicoleGabeTV) September 28, 2022

This is one of the scariest videos I’ve seen from #huricaneian

— Ryan Munn (@RyanMunnWX) September 28, 2022

No road, no parking lot, no pool. Water getting down. This is what hurricane eye left behind. #Hurricane #FortMyers #SWFL #huricaneian #cat5

— İbrahim (@ibrahimyrb) September 29, 2022

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