Viral Video: Do ​​you know what happens if a man falls into lava? Watch this video

Agni mountains are not only the most interesting in nature but also the most terrifying. Due to the eruption of volcanoes, some countries are constantly facing many problems. Some other countries are constantly worried about when volcanoes will erupt and cause trouble. The farther the lava travels due to the explosion of the volcanoes, the farther it must turn into ash! How do mountains of fire explode for a while? Why do they explode? Let’s put things aside. Now let’s find out what happens if a man falls in the terrible lava that comes out of the volcano..

What if a man falls in the lava for seconds?

First you watch this video. You will understand what happens when a man falls from a mountain into a lava filled valley. Actually this is a very old video but it is going viral again.

Awakening a volcano by throwing a rock

— Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) November 9, 2022

Research in Ethiopia

This experiment took place near the eponymous volcano Erta Alelo in Ethiopia. 30 Kilograms of organic waste (material that has the characteristics of a human body) is dumped from above into a lava-filled lake. Then the researchers looked at what happens. They found out what kind of conditions a man would face if he fell in the lava that came during the eruption of the volcano. A video was shot regarding the research conducted there. As the first organic material hits the lava lake, the first layer of hardened ash that forms on top of the lava is breaking off. The organic matter then sinks into the lava. Bubbles can be seen coming out of the lava fountain.

Fotovolcanica YouTube Channels First Published

This video was first published on YouTube‌ by Fotovolcanica. Posted.  This YouTube channel serves as an archive of volcano related material. Fotovacnica has revealed a few things about the experiment. When organic material hits the lava lake, it reacts violently. It is written that a part of it is steam generated from organic matter. Recently, the same video was shared on a Twitter post called Historic Vids (@historyinmemes). ‘‘Throwing a stone and waking up a volcano’’ Captioned. It got a total of 8.7 million views. This video is currently going viral on social media.  

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