Viral: This killy is for newly wedded couples and the first night is special

There are many famous foods in our country. Different special dishes become popular in each region. Also this pan is very special. The name of this bridge is Kohinoor. It is sold only at Tara Pan Center in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Since 48 years they are selling this killy. They are making and selling about 51 types of killis. People come from many parts of the country for this. They come and go especially for the Kohinoor pan. It is believed to increase sexual potency and act as an aphrodisiac. That is why they are served on the first night to married couples. The name of the owner of this shop is Mohammad Sarfuddin Siddiqui. 

What is the price…
It is a special killy, and it is made for a special night, why is the price so low? Rs.5000 each. It is known as Indian Viagra in that region. If this killy is applied once, its effect will last for at least three days. Both the newlyweds are given two killi. It is said that in the past it was made for the Nawabs, hence the name Kohinoor. 

How is it made?
The shopkeepers refused to tell the ingredients used in its preparation. According to their belief, honey, amber, gulkand and deer musk are mixed in this pan. It is also said that saffron flowers, rose leaves and a rare liquid found only in West Bengal are added. Cover the pan with a gold plated leaf. A secret aphrodisiac is added to it, which no one knows except the shop owner and her mother. In the end, even the employees of that shop do not know. This ‘Kohinoor Pan’ is made with 12 different ingredients, all of which are said to have aphrodisiac properties. Kohinoor killy is made separately for men and women. 

This pan is sold heavily during the wedding season. The pan packaging is also very unique and attractive. It also includes a small bottle of Attar. One can enjoy a kind of intoxicating smell by applying the ointment on the body or applying it to bed sheets and pillows.  People in Maharashtra are familiar with this PAN. Everyone comes from distant shores to taste this.

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