Viral: This is the most dangerous place in the world, if you go there you will die

It’s a basement… Just go there and stand there for a minute. It will have a serious impact on health. Dies soon. That is why it is called the most dangerous place in the world. This place is called the ‘Elephant Foot of Chernobyl’. This is a dungeon in Ukraine. No one goes around this. The town that still has that place has turned into a desert. The whole town was once empty. About 50,000 people have gone elsewhere. Some died of diseases like cancer. Already the whole area is like a ghost city. 

What’s more?
All this happened in a town called Pripyat in Ukraine. Since 1986, the area has become dangerous. Since then the town has become like a desert without people. There is a nuclear plant there. Everyone left that too. 

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl disaster happened. It was a nuclear accident. It happened at the nuclear plant near the village of Pripyat. Because of this, there are always very high radiation levels. Here lies the ‘Elephant Foot of Chernobyl’ called the basement. It became very dangerous after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. There is a very high amount of radioactive mass in that room. As the years go by, the soil layer is still filled with toxic gases. This basement is located near the reactor that exploded during the nuclear disaster. In this, nuclear fuel, concrete and sand have become radioactive sludge. It was piled up to a height of about two meters. The atmosphere there is poisonous enough to kill many people standing near it. No one could go there until ten years after the nuclear disaster. Later in 1996, a person took extreme precautions and took such a photo. No one dares to go there. 

It takes tens of thousands of years for the radioactivity there to decay. But then the area will not be bustling with people again. Even the village of Pripyat, which is close to the nuclear plant, will take time to fill with people. Due to this the air there is filled with radioactivity. Due to this, people are dying and dying of diseases like cancer within a short period of time. The city full of huge buildings is known as the city of ghosts without a single human being. People fled to neighboring cities leaving their properties and houses.

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