Viral News: If the price of snacks in theaters is like that, everyone will do the same, hats off to your intelligence!

Viral News: If the price of snacks in theaters is like that, everyone will do the same, hats off to your intelligence!

Nowadays middle class people are afraid to go to theaters and watch movies. The price of snacks is three to four times higher than the price of tickets.  The price of popcorn is Rs. 100. A cool drink costs Rs. 60.  Small Samosa Price Rs. 15. Saying this, the eyes should roll back. It is not surprising that many people have stopped going to the theaters because of these prices.  Movies are coming to OTT within two or three weeks after release. Many viewers think that it is better to sit and watch a movie at home with the whole family instead of paying all the money to go to the theater.

Don’t be too smart, Babu!

And recently, a boy named Alpesh charged exorbitant prices of snacks in theaters. He made a good idea to get out. Before going to the theatre, he packed two packets of chips, some snacks and a bottle of cool drink neatly in a shoe box. He puts a good plaster on it and puts it in a good bag. He says that before going to the theatre, he was going shopping near the security checking point. The checking staff will also see the packed box and allow it inside. And the boy is enjoying the movie while eating nice snacks and drinking a cool drink inside.

This is a genius hack- Alpesh

Akshay Kumar starrer ‘OMG 2’ Alpesh, who went to watch the movie, took the outside food inside wisely and watched the movie happily and cheerfully. He shared this video with the netizens through his Instagram. "I call it a genius hack" He captioned the video saying. While watching this video, the tribe went viral. It has received more than 35 million views so far.  Gained more than two million likes. Swiggy’s in‌stamart reacted to this viral video.  "Smart student from A section" She commented.   


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Netizens are reacting differently

Netizens are praising the young man who took snacks from outside into the theater.  “This trick is good. I have tried 3 times so far. Succeeded” A netizen commented. "I will definitely try this" Another person commented. “PVR, INOX will see this reel and know the real thing” Another person commented.  

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