Viral news: A couple who are in court because of a chicken, whose trouble should not come to anyone!

If you have the quality of being able to deal with any problem, you can take it easy. If you are restrained, you can get along happily with your neighbors. Otherwise there will be a daily quarrel in the house. Some people behave very strangely. Even small things are taken very seriously. Quarrels are often caused especially by the pets of the neighbours. Such fights are common especially for dog owners. This incident in Germany is also similar. However, the cause of this fight is not the dog, but the chicken. It pissed off the neighbors so much that they went to the court and begged Mahaprabho for justice. This incident has now become a topic of discussion on social media.  

Frederic and Jutta, a couple living in Bad Salzuflen, West Germany. Michael D, who lives next door to them, loves raising chickens. That’s why he has many types of chickens in his house. Among them, a chicken cell is very active. That has become a big headache for the neighbors.

Frederick and Jutta couple told Michael that the hen has been bothering them for many days. Kodi Punju is said to be very troublesome due to repeated shouting. This hen lays 100 to 200 times a day. They told Michael many times that its screams were harming their health. However, Michael ignored their words. Expressing anger at his behavior, the couple climbed the steps of the police station. They complained that the problem should be solved.

The chicken coop has been making a lot of noise for some time now. They start shouting from 8 in the morning and continue till night. The couple said that due to the screams of the chickens, Frederic and Jutta have lost their peace and they are afraid to open the windows as they are unable to withstand the cries of the chickens. They said that they had to approach the court because the owner of the chicken droppings did not pay attention to what they had said. They have revealed that they will be severely harassed as a whole. The owner, Michael, explained to the court that the chicken litter was essential for his flock of chickens. He said that the growth of chickens will be possible due to it. He said that otherwise the other chickens will suffer.  Currently regarding this case  A Lemgo District Court judge is conducting the trial. The verdict regarding this case will be announced soon. 

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