Viral: If you see a battery, you will swallow it, 55 batteries in the stomach, this is a strange mental problem

Physical problems like injuries are visible to the eye. We can know by looking but it is very difficult to know the forgotten problems. Some people seem normal, but sometimes behave strangely. A woman is the same for Ireland.  Looks like the most common woman among all. But put small batteries in front of her and a strange man will come out in her. That battery somehow steals. That swallows the batteries. So it swallowed 55 batteries at once, not one or two. Their weight has also stretched the stomach. Doctors say that she did this because she wanted to harm herself. 

Doctors scanned the woman who came to the hospital with stomach pain. A lot of cylindrical batteries were found in it. It was difficult to count how many were in the scan. Most of them appeared to be stuck in her stomach.  The batteries were tried to be passed out naturally through faeces. Thus, only five batteries could be removed. The weight of the batteries fell on the pubic bone and the operation had to be done.

With this, a small hole was made in the stomach and they were taken out. There are 55 batteries in total. The doctors were surprised to see them. She said that she was the first person to swallow so many batteries. However, it is noteworthy that these electrochemical devices did not damage her digestive system. Doctors are of the opinion that it is good that she did not cause any damage to her body. There are cases where things other than food are made to enter the stomach. In July, doctors in Jodhpur removed 63 metallic coins from a man’s stomach. The other day, another person took a bottle of deodorant out of his stomach. It is best to go to the hospital immediately if you know something has gone into the stomach. Don’t wait until you have a stomach ache.

In a highly unusual incident, #Doctors in #Rajasthan removed 63 coins from a man’s stomach through an endoscopic procedure.

The subject of the two-day-long operation at MDM Hospital in Jodhpur is said to be a patient who had swallowed these coins in a state of #Depression.

— Mirror Now (@MirrorNow) August 1, 2022

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