Viral: Hathavidhi, the entire bottle of deodorant has gone, doctors are shocked

Can’t stand it if the stomach is upset. But a man kept a whole bottle of deodorant for twenty days. Even though he knew that he had a bottle of deodorant in his stomach, he stayed at home without going to the doctor. He did not have a bowel movement for twenty days and fell seriously ill and was eventually admitted to the hospital. The doctors were shocked when they saw the stomach scan. He was shocked not knowing how he was doing with such a bottle in his stomach. 

That young man was from Kolkata. Age 27 years. The young man refused to say why the bottle went into his stomach and who did it. Otherwise, he said that it reached the stomach through the rectum. After 20 days of not eating properly and not defecating, I got severe pain in my lower stomach. The doctors operated and took out the bottle. His health is stable now. The doctors said that he will be kept under observation for a week. 

A bottle about seven and a half inches long including the lid was inside the stomach. Doctors operated for almost two hours to remove it. Due to this, the young man’s esophagus was also damaged. The doctors also performed surgery and fixed it. Intestines were found to be damaged. If not, they have not been operated on. The doctors said that the intestines will require surgery in the future. 

He made the problem worse by not contacting the doctor immediately even though he knew there was a bottle in the stomach. If he had gone immediately, the intestines and esophagus would not have been damaged. The doctors said that he would have died in a few days if he remained like this. They said ‘This is a very challenging case for us. We took care of him. We did the surgery very carefully’ Said that. He also said that he needs to be taken care of. And the family members of the patient said that they are happy with the success of the surgery and the fear of what will happen to him is reduced. Health experts suggest to consult the doctor immediately when such objects accidentally enter the stomach. He said that as the delay increases, the threat increases and sometimes things get out of hand. He warned that the stomach is a very sensitive area and if the problem starts in the intestines of the stomach, it will be a problem for the rest of the life.

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