Vammo .. vomiting 70 times a day, this problem she is facing can come to you!

We get bored with one or two vomits. Such is the case that the woman is vomiting 70 times a day. However, this is not an issue that comes up in a day or two. The same situation every day. This shows how hellish she is.

Lynne Villain, a 39 – year – old woman from Bolton, England, suffers from a rare problem. She suffers from abdominal pain and nausea on a daily basis. Whatever you eat .. if you drink .. you will vomit. Because of this problem she stays at home without going out. Because of this she ate nothing. Eaten .. not digested. This rare condition is called & lsquo; gastroparesis & rsquo; Doctors said. & Nbsp;

& lsquo; Gastroparesis & zwnj; & rsquo; The problem is that the food she eats goes from the stomach very slowly. As a result the food that went into her stomach was not so easily digested. This causes nausea and vomiting. Lynne has had this problem since 2008. The doctors fitted her with a gastric face maker to prevent her from vomiting. According to a Manchester Evening News report .. Two years later the device fitted to her ran out of battery. With this the situation came to a head again. It can cost up to Rs 10 lakh to install the device again. & lsquo; & lsquo; When I am .. I am sick and in pain. This situation alienated my family. I had a baby when I was 22 years old. But, I could not live happily with my daughter due to my illness. Whatever I drink .. comes out. I look so hell & rsquo; & rsquo;

What is gastroparesis? In general, strong muscle contractions push food through your digestive system. However, gastroparesis & zwnj; In problem people that process is very slow. There is a risk that this problem may occur in you as well. The reasons for this are. & Nbsp;

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What causes gastroparesis?
⦿ Esophagus, stomach or small This condition can occur if the vagus (nerve from the throat to the abdomen) is injured due to intestinal surgery. & nbsp;
⦿ Hypothyroidism.
ధులు Diseases such as scleroderma.
కొన్ని Some neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.
లోని Viral infections of the stomach.

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