Ujjain: Wow! If you offer 60 types of cigarettes and 40 types of alcohol to this Sami, your wishes will be fulfilled!

Ujjain, the month of spiritual beauty

Madhya Pradesh is home to many wonderful temples. The traditions and customs here are very unique. Ujjain doesn’t need much introduction. It is bursting with spiritual splendor with many temples. Thousands of devotees and tourists come here every day. Along with visiting temples they enjoy in tourist areas.

Favorite liquor, cigarettes, offerings

There is a unique temple in Bhagtipura in Ujjain. Historical sources say that this Kala Bhairava temple on the banks of the Shipra river was built by King Bhadrasen. The pujas performed here on the occasion of Bhairava Ashtami are amazing. They are also very strange. In the Bhairava temple, the temple priests offer 1,351 types of bhogs, including liquor and cigarettes, to Lord Bhairavanath in the evening. The time for offering liquor in the Kalabhairava temple is approaching. For the past few centuries, Bhairava Ashtami has been celebrated here since ancient times. On this occasion Bhairavanatha is decorated in a very attractive way. After the puja, the devotees offered Maha Bhog to the Lord. Various offerings including 1,351 types of dishes,  40 types of liquor and 60 types of cigarettes are offered.  


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These are the ingredients offered in the Maha Bhog!

The devotees keep the ingredients available for the Lord’s Maha Bhog. They are distributed after first offering bhog to Bhairavanatha. 390 types of incense, 180 types of face masks, 75 types of dry fruits, 64 types of chocolates, 60 types of Gujarati numkeen, 60 types of sachet cigarettes, 56 types of snacks, 55 types of sweets, 45 types of biscuits, 40 types of liquor. (Rum, Whisky, Tequila, Vodka Beer, Champagne), Chillum, Ganja, 40 types of bakery items, 30 types of gajak, 28 types of soft drinks and 28 types of fruits are present in this Maha Bhog, ANI news agency revealed.  The devotees strongly believe that if they worship Bhairavanath on Bhairava Ashtami with great faith, their wishes will be fulfilled.

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