Travel: The secret of underwater forest is related to this strange lake! Learn about it

While planning for traveling, most people try to go to such a place, which is different. Its views and air and water should be captivating. Together people like to go to quiet places. Some like adventure, some like horror tourist spots like to go. If we talk about lakes, then they make travelers crazy with their beauty. Although you must have heard about many lakes, but we are going to tell you about one such lake, which is considered very strange.

The whole forest is settled inside this lake and this thing makes this lake very different from other lakes. Even today, the secret of the underwater forest related to it remains a secret. Let us tell you about this unique and wonderful lake…

This wonderful lake is present here

The location of this strange poor lake in the world is present in Kazakhstan, which is known as Kandy Lake. The whole forest is settled inside this lake and this sight amazes the people who come here. On looking at the lake, it seems that the trees are upside down in the water and the bamboos coming out of the water look like pillars. The remaining part of the trees and the green ground below makes it an underwater forest.

Here is its secret!

You may be stunned to see the beauty of this lake, but there is a story behind it. It is said that there was an earthquake at this place and due to this the existing forest got submerged in water. Since then water gets stored here every time during the rains. People come from far and wide to see this unique lake and this makes the place a popular tourist spot in Kazakhstan.

enjoy here

If you are reaching to see this lake with a partner, then you can spend quality time meeting on its banks. If a trip is planned with family, then one can also prove to be a picnic spot for you. Its beauty is liked by the elders to the children.

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