Tips for Street Food Lovers: If you go to Mumbai, do not forget to taste these street foods

Mumbai is called Mayanagari. Most of the people definitely want to visit this city once in a lifetime. There is a lot for people who love to roam around Mumbai, where they can roam and spend quality time with their loved ones. Usually, when we go for a walk to some place, then the eagerness to eat the local food there is also in mind. if you street Food ,Street Food) and have gone to visit Mumbai, then once you will definitely taste the street food there. Know here which street food is famous in Mumbai.

vada pav

The first name that comes in the street food of Mumbai is Vada Pav. The people there eat it with great fervor. You will also find Vada Pav in the menu of restaurants ranging from street vendors to big ones. To make it, a tikki is prepared by adding garlic, mint and spices etc. to potatoes and wrapping it in gram flour. It is served with spicy and sweet chutney and served with fried chillies. People from far and wide come to taste this Vada Pav.

Pav Bhaji

Although pav bhaji is such a thing that you will easily find it anywhere, but the matter of pav bhaji of Mumbai is something else. The taste of its vegetable is something else. It is served with green chutney and chopped onions after baking the pav in butter with gravy vegetable.


We make bhelpuri at home whenever you feel like eating something light, but if you really want to enjoy bhelpuri then don’t forget to eat it in Mumbai. To prepare it, spicy and sweet chutney and spices are added to the puffed rice along with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander etc. Also it is served by adding namkeen or sev.


The roll you eat in Delhi is called Frankie in Mumbai. Frankie is very tasty to eat. It is in great demand among the local people here. You will find stalls of Frank Rolls all over the place. You get these in both veg and non veg.

batata puri

You must have eaten Batata Vada at home or in any restaurant. But if you go to Mumbai then definitely taste Batata Puri. It is prepared by mixing onions, potatoes, tomatoes and chillies and is served with flat puris. All spices and chutneys are also used in this. Along with this, fine sev is also added. Many people also call it sev puri. It is eaten here as a snack.

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