There is a plan for a trip on the long weekend falling in August, do not forget to visit these places

In the monsoon month of August, people plan trips to enjoy the pleasant weather and cool winds. In the rainy season, the beautiful scenery starts to look even more beautiful and they are captivating to the mind. By the way trip in august The fun is going to be doubled, because after Rakhi there is a long weekend before 15th August. It is a long weekend and people do not think of going on a trip, it cannot happen. long weekend It is good to go on a trip, but it is also important to think smartly while planning. Avoid going to such places, which become a victim of overcrowding during the holidays. You will not be able to enjoy in such places and your money will also be wasted.

Here we are going to tell you about such places, where you should avoid going on such holidays. By the way, you can plan this secret hill station of Uttarakhand.


By the way, there are many hill stations and tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, the most popular of which is Rishikesh. Trips can be enjoyed with family or friends at this place having religious significance. Coming here, people also become a part of activities like adventure sports river rafting. By the way, this place becomes a victim of overcrowding when there are two to three holidays. Avoid going here.


This is such a tourist spot, whose trip is considered very easy. Apart from this, the beauty of the mountains present here attracts the tourist a lot. If you are also thinking of going here in the long weekend of August, then do not do so by mistake. There can be a lot of crowd here too and instead of enjoying, you will be upset.


If you are thinking of going to Nainital in the coming long weekend, then remove this thought from your mind. This is a very cheap place in terms of stay and food and travelers keep coming here. Tourists reach here in large numbers even in the off-season, so imagine how much crowd is going to be here in the long weekend.

Visit this hill station of Uttarakhand

Kanatal of Uttarakhand is considered a secret hill station. Mountains, rivers and the weather here are its specialty and if you visit it once, you will feel like coming here every time. You can plan this beautiful destination of Uttarakhand in a long weekend.

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